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Gel Lubricante sin sabor, comestible. Retardante. Seguro y de rápida acción para mejorar tu performance. Con un desensibilizador gentil pero eficaz. Base en Gel es superior a cremas ya que penetra mucho mas rápido la piel. Menos transferencia a tu pareja. Sin olor, no grasoso, no mancha y se puede usar con latex.


Non-staining and fast absorbing delay gel helps you last longer If you are looking for a simple solution to prolonging your erections and delaying ejaculation then Max Control® delay gel could well be the solution you have been searching for. With a number of distinguishing features this gel is no ordinary prolong gel. This fast absorbing climax control gel will upgrade your performance and give you a new found confidence. This gel has several defining characteristics which makes it one of the best delay gels available on the market. A real quality product made with care and precision it has a number of benefits including: Not tested on animals - we like that! Paraben-free - parabens have been linked to cancer, we try to steer clear of them! Non-staining and unperfumed meaning using this product is discreet and can be kept private if preferred Grease-less - no slippery greasy feeling Water-soluble - means it washes off easily Sugar-free - sugar is linked to thrush and vaginal infections, we prefer to steer clear of sugar to keep you and your partner safe and health Sulphate-free - sulphates are linked to skin irritation! Latex friendly - use with your favorite condom. Max Control® gel incorporates Lidocaine which is fast-acting, gentle and a highly effective desensitizing agent which will help to ensure you and your partner will enjoy intimacy without pressure. The gel helps to reduce male sensitivity and prolongs sexual pleasure. Because the gel is so quickly absorbed it makes it discreet with less chance of it being transferred to your partner. How to use Max Control® Using Max Control® couldn’t be easier. Simply apply the smooth gel to the head of the penis shortly before you engage in sexual activity for maximum results. Individual results and sensations may vary from person to person and over time when you become more accustomed to the gel.

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